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  Animal Mechanicals Episode 01 – Turbo Bean Trouble

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Watch Animal Mechanicals (2008– ) online.
Synopsis: This cartoon for preschoolers takes two elements young children often find fascinating mythical animals and monster trucks and combines them to create a different kind of action hero. The mechanicals are comprised of Rex, Unicorn, Komodo, Sasquatch and Mouse, five friends with the power to transform themselves into various shapes, which comes in handy considering the world in which they inhabit is also a “snap-together-take-apart” kind of place. Each episode, the mysterious Island Owl appears to send the team on a specific mission. It doesn't take long for the Animal Mechanicals (and young viewers) to then decide who among them is best suited to tackle each of the many challenges that pop up during their adventures.
Stars: Jim Fowler, Shannon Lynch, Ian MacDougall
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P/s: We missing alot of episodes