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  Extreme Dinosaurs Episode 1 Out of Time

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Synopsis: Alien crime lord Argor arrives on Earth during the Cretaceous period and transforms four random dinosaurs into his anthropomorphic minions. However, they realize he's evil and refuse to work for him. Instead, they call themselves Extreme Dinosaurs and decide to help alien lawwoman Chedra, who's after Argor. Argor then creates three evil minions out of velociraptors and gives them a devastating weapon that they don't know how to use properly, so they cause a cataclysm. In the present day Roswell, science team discovers the alien ship as well as the dino-warriors in stasis inside. The Raptors awake and have only one goal in mind – to speed up global warming so the Earth's climate would again be like in Cretaceous. Extreme Dinosaurs must stop the Raptors. Meanwhile, Chedra realizes that both humans and aliens have their own plans for the dinos.
Stars: Scott McNeil, Cusse Mankuma, Garry Chalk
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