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  Extreme Ghostbusters Ep1 – Darkness At Noon (Part 1)

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Extreme Ghostbusters synopsis: Proving that there's still life in the old story, Ghostbusters gets another reincarnation, with state-of-the-art animation that's both riotous and genuinely spooky. After a lull, ghost activity is on the up again. Guided by original ghost buster Egon Spengler, the mantle this time is taken up by a group of teenagers: steady Roland; cocky, wheelchair-bound Garrett; would-be hippy Eduardo; gloomy, black-clad Kylie; and ex-baddie ghost Slimer, now helping his friends rid the world of the nastier and meaner ghosts.
Creators: Jeff Kline, Richard Raynis
Stars: Maurice LaMarche, Tara Strong, Pat Musick
More information: IMDB, Wikipedia