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  Fantomcat Episode 1 The Hero Returns

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Synopsis: Count Phillipe Lentheric Guerlain de Givenchy, who was also the Duke of Fantom, had a successful secret career as a swashbuckling adventurer and a masked Zorro-esque hero Fantomcat. His triumphs ended in 1699, when his archenemy Baron Von Skeltar, a dangerous sword-fighter and alchemist, used his knowledge of magic to imprison De Fantom in one of his own paintings. The painting stood in his Castle De Fantom for centuries as the world around the castle changed and Metro City was eventually built. When someone tries to steal the painting in modern times, Fantomcat is finally freed. He decides to continue his fight for justice and help Metro City police department's Detective Team headed by top feline cop Penelope Tabitha “Tabs” Wildcat and her police partners MacDuff the Mouse, who hates holes, and Lindbergh the Pigeon, who hates to fly. Their archenemy is the biggest crime lord in town – a giant black widow spider called Marmagora and her henchmen – pet carnivorous plant Gloria.
Stars: Jimmy Hibbert, Lorelei King, Robert Powell
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