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  Horseland Season 1 Episode 1 You Can't Judge a Girl By Her Limo

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Synopsis: Far away, in spectacular countryside, there's a fantastic place called Horseland – a complex of stables, arenas, barns, rolling green pastures, and riding trails through verdant mountain forests. A lot of kids board horses here. We follow the adventures of three girls and one boy, all 11-12 years old. They become best of friends as they learn all about horsemanship: the intricate dance of dressage, the thrills (and spills) of show jumping, and the care and grooming of their animals. We'll also meet two spoiled sisters with attitudes, and an older boy who serves as mentor for them all. But what makes Horseland such a special place is that the horses and stable animals talk… at least, to each other. The animals' rich, exciting lives complement and illuminate the experiences of our human cast – and help make ‘tween life a little less confusing.
Creator: Phil Harnage
Stars: David Kalis, Dana Donlan, Wendy K. Gray.
More information: IMDB, Wikipedia.