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  Hot Rod Dogs and Cool Car Cats Episode 1

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Watch Hot Rod Dogs and Cool Car Cats (1995– ) full episodes online
Synopsis: It was about these biomechanical creatures that were part cat or dog and part car. Hot Rod, his girlfriend Carbs and his two pals, Dogonn and Benz were the main good guys. Carbs had a sister called Spare Parts and they had a couple of other friends too. The bad guys were the Choppers (plane based cats and dogs), Gridlockers (the cops), Scarhood and his gang and the Crusher who was the most dangerous bad guy. Hot Rod and his gang were wanted for crimes they didn't commit. Both series were good, the theme tune changed in the second series, I'm not really sure why but it added something interesting to it I guess. Not many people have heard of this great show, I guess some have cos its on here but I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a weird and funky ride with some souped up hot rod.
Creator: Dave Edwards
Stars: Jim Cummings, Dana Hill, Nick Jameson.
More information: IMDB, Wikipedia