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  Iznogoud Episode 1 The Hideaway Bed

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Synopsis: Iznogoud is the second in command (Grand Vizier) to the Caliph of Baghdad Haroun El Poussah (Haroun El Plassid in English, a pun on the historical Caliph, Harun al-Rashid; “poussah” is roughly translated as “oaf”) but his sole aim in life is to overthrow the Caliph and take his place. This is frequently expressed in his famous catchphrase, “I want to be Caliph instead of the Caliph” (“je veux Γͺtre calife Γ  la place du calife”), which has passed into everyday French for qualifying over-ambitious people who want to become chief. Iznogoud is always assisted in his plans by his faithful henchman, Dilat Larath (Wa'at Alahf in English, se dilater la rate have a good laugh, in French).
Director: Patrick BraoudΓ©
Writers: RenΓ© Goscinny (comic books), Jean Tabary (comic books)
Stars: MichaΓ«l Youn, Arno Chevrier, Jacques Villeret.
More information: IMDB, Wikipedia.