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  Piggsburg Pigs! Episode 01 Mummies From Outer Space

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Synopsis: Located behind the world's largest pig farm, the city of Piggsburg is a swine-only habitat. Here, the Bacon Brothers: Bo, Portley, and Pighead fight the evil plans of the hungry, carnivorous Wolf brothers Huff and Puff, as well as the supernatural forces from the Forbidden Zone. Other pig buddies include Prissy, Dotty, Piggy, Pokey, and the snobby Rembrandt Proudpork. When not fighting off evil plots, the boys unwind at nearby Newpork Beach. Needless to say, Piggsburg Pigs! is a comedy, and pig puns are often the humor of choice.
Creator: Melissa Silverman
Stars: Harvey Atkin, Robert Bockstael, Robert Cait.
More information: IMDB, Wikipedia.