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  Popetown Season 1 Episode 1 The Double

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Synopsis: He is charged with being the handler for the Pope (who is always referred to by his title, and never given any name) who is a complete nincompoop with the emotional and mental maturity of a four-year-old. Father Nicholas must keep the Pope out of trouble, and make sure the general public does not find out that the Holy Father is a drooling idiot. Other characters include a priest who is a sexual deviant, an extremely buxom and vain nun who serves as the Popetown news anchor and a trio of corrupt cardinals who secretly run Popetown and attempt to get rich behind the Pope's back.
Creators: Isabelle Dubernet, Eric Fuhrer, Phil Ox
Stars: Morwenna Banks, Mackenzie Crook, Kevin Eldon
More information: IMDB, Wikipedia