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  The Wiggles Season 3 Episode 1

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Synopsis: Wiggle Bay” is more of the cute musical fun that the Wiggles always deliver, but with a story line, an actual plot this time. The Wiggles, off on a little jaunt to sunny Wiggle Bay for the day are having a blast, until silly Captain Feathersword announces that he's forgotten to tie off their boat- and they're stranded! Whoops! Never the kind of fellows to let this kind of thing ruin their fun, the Wiggles ask Henry the Octopus' friend Magdalena the Mermaid to search for their boat while they crack the secret of a talking seashell and a golden key. A bunch of new cute songs and the same silly sweet fun are the essence of this movie. You've done it again, Wiggles! Well done!
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Stars: Anthony Field, Greg Page, Jeff Fatt.
More information: IMDB, Wikipedia.